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Bab Door the door
of Turkey

A lot of public and establishment buildings use our automatic doors implementations.


Bab Door the door
of Turkey

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality choosed us for their automatic doors.


Bab Door the door
of Turkey

Contact us for automatic door competitive prices.

automatic door ankara


Our manufacturing and application have passed from quality tests victoriously. +
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We making you the most suitable and economic offers without sacrificing our quality. +
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After sales support and spare parts supply in all product groups. +


Bab Door
Automatic Door

automatic door
About Us

Our company, which was established in 2011, started applications in photocell door production and assembly. Our company has been conducting R&D studies on the automation working logic of sliding automatic doors among those people since its establishment.

We produce in line with the needs of public and private sector organizations in line with special dimensions and needs. We have certified our quality in terms of production quality and conformity with CE, ISO 9001 and TSE certificates. Our company meets the needs of the automatic doors it produces within its own structure. All we have extensive sales and service network in Turkey.

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Years of Experience

We serve with a years of experience and development.

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Completed Project

We offer our applications with solid and safe structures.

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Happy Customer

We work by prioritizing to customer satisfaction.

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We succeed with customer satisfaction and solid production.

Automatic Door


Required discovery, analysis, the most suitable material, price, montage and most importantly after sales support opportunity for solutions you need in automatic door applications. Everything as required with us. BAB DOOR is stronger with growing customer portfolio.

photocel door
Photocell Door

BABDOOR branded photocell doors can be used in places where there is a heavy entrance and exit traffic, as well as in places where the indoor and outdoor air environment is desired to be separated from each other quickly.

hermetic door
Hermetic Door

Hermetic (hospital) doors are 2 types as semi and full hermetic. These special doors, which serve to provide hygiene and air tightness, especially with their semi or full sealing feature, are called operating room doors because they are frequently used in operating rooms, but they are designed for food rooms, laboratories, places where clean and hygienic insulation is required. Window can be preferred optionally.

telescopic door
Telescopic Sliding Door

Telescopic doors Telescopic automatic doors, consisting of 2 moving wings or 4 moving wings, are used in places where there is a lack of space or a wide opening is required.

90 degree opening door
90 Degree Opening Doors

Automatic 90 degree opening door systems; business centers, public institutions, schools, hospitals, factories, businesses, etc. It is one of the most popular automatic door systems preferred for places.

automatic revolving door
Automatic Revolving Door

Revolving Doors are one of the most important indicators of buildings, in other words, front facades. Revolving doors, one of the important solutions for first impression and effective entrance, are divided into three as fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual.

automatic roller shutter
Automatic Roller Shutter

Automatic Blinds are systems that have not lost their usability from the past to the present. Of course, the systems used in the past have been developed influenced by the benefits of technology.

automatic shutter
Automatic Shutter

Automatic shutter applications are mostly preferred systems to ensure safety. In addition to the safety system, ease of use is also one of the features that attract users.

garage door
Garage Door

The garage door, which is preferred to protect cars that have become a great need due to today's conditions, has many advantages. The biggest advantage is that it has high security protection.

garden door
Garden Door

Garden doors bring your residences to a modern and aesthetic appearance. You save time and energy due to the automatic opening and closing. In addition to these, you can ensure the security of your residences by preventing unauthorized access.

sectional door
Sectional Door

Sectional door is produced from paolurethane foam sandwich panel. They are generally preferred in industrial and logistic areas. They are easily used in places such as garage doors and factory doors.

high speed pvc door
High Speed PVC Door

As evident from the name of fast PVC doors, they are extremely fast systems. They are preferred where there is a dense inflow and outflow. Fast PVC door prevents heat loss and helps protect the area you use from external factors.

fire shutter
Fire Shutters

Fire shutters can be preferred by those who are at risk of fire or who want to take precautions against fire risk from the very beginning. Fire shutters are made using fire-resistant raw materials and they are used with the raw material color.

loading ramps
Loading Ramps

Loading ramps are used in areas where material loading and transportation operations are frequent. They are especially preferred in places where there is heavy product entry and exit such as supermarkets and factories.


Barriers are systems preferred at fast and safe vehicle crossing points. They can be preferred with peace of mind in places where both controlled and fast vehicle passage is desired.


Customer Satisfaction

Turkey's top manufacturer of automatic door unfair if I say I'm not. A firm that really deserves praise. Thanks Bab Door.

Sabrina West

We could not solve our problem with the automatic door application we used. Bab door helped us from miles away.

Étienne Paire

When we arrived we met by chance on a business trip to Turkey Bab Door firm, it became a brand name we have chosen for years.

Karl Morgent
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